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LAP launches two new laser digital template systems

  • Author:
    Mike Richardson
  • Date Published:
AMFeb12News - lap

LAP Laser has announced that its new digital laser template Assembly Pro uses laser beams to project CAD data directly on the workpiece, for example when disassembling the fuselage.

Assembly Pro is significantly faster than using templates for marking or manual measurements. The laser indicates the steps and shows the position of, for example, drill holes, cable ducts, or pipes. This accelerates and simplifies the complicated assembly of aircraft interiors and improves precision.

Meanwhile, its new Paint Pro system simplifies the aircraft painting process by indicating the precise position of, for example, lettering, and enables creative colour combinations and complex patterns based on corporate design guidelines.

Mounted on moveable stands, the laser projectors are battery powered and are therefore cable-free. The painting systems can be set up anywhere in the production workshop without having to worry about tripping over cables. The more precise work method saves time and improves quality, both in terms of positioning and repeatability.