Small bores, high variants

Small bores, high variants

The 105 Supermini system manufactured by Horn is now available in new versions for boring, internal grooving, chamfering, threading, broaching, facing and parting-off exotic alloys and steels, including those that are structurally inhomogeneous. User benefits include improved productivity and significantly increased tool life.

Featuring a new coating, substrate and microgeometry, the carbide inserts are designed to machine bores in demanding, highly alloyed materials from 0.2mm diameter to 6.8mm diameter. Standard lengths are from five times diameter at the smaller end of the range to a maximum of 35mm.

The Supermini system offers more than 1,500 insert types for many applications. Right and left-hand versions can be used in one standard Horn Supermini toolholder, available with or without internal cooling.


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