Entirely 3D printed rocket nose made at Relativity Space

Rocket manufacturer Relativity Space has released a time-lapse video of a 3D printed nose cone build for its Terran 1 rocket.

This comes as the company announces the rocket's Stage 1 has now been lifted onto the test stand. The comapny released another video of this process here.

The nose of this launch vehicle is 3D printed and using zero fixed tooling, as the above video shows. This milestone marks the first time Relativity has created this unique shape.

The company fuses 3D printing, AI, and autonomous robotics, and its Terran 1 rocket is thought to be the world's first entirely 3D printed rocket.

So far, Relativity has completed the following tests on Stage 1, an entirely 3D printed tank: hydro proof testing; cryogenic proof testing; flight pressure testing.

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