3PL/4PL logistics provide much-needed flexibility to A&D supply chains


With the increased demand for materials in the aerospace and defence (A&D) industry, maintaining a robust and flexible supply chain is crucial. To address the challenges of securing the supply of materials and reducing the total cost of acquisition, 3PL (third-party logistics) and 4PL (fourth-party logistics) models have emerged as valuable solutions.

thyssenkrupp Aerospace, a leading materials supplier and supply chain solutions provider, has been supporting major OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers with custom logistics models for many years. The business has an extensive expertise in providing localised material supply chain solutions, making them a trusted partner for the aerospace and defence industry. Moreover, its global presence further enhances its capabilities in serving the industry's complex requirements on a local level like thyssenkrupp Materials UK for the local UK market.

One of the significant benefits of the 3PL model is its ability to store products close to the point of use, moving quickly to support the customer demand. This approach helps reduce transportation costs and ensures a steady supply of materials to meet the customer needs promptly. By leveraging its expertise in logistics, thyssenkrupp Aerospace can help the customer secure their supply chain and streamline its operations.

The 4PL model takes the benefits of 3PL a step further by managing not only the customers materials flows, but also a series of additional processes, including subcontractor management. This comprehensive approach means thyssenkrupp Aerospace manage all aspects of the customers supply chain from demand planning, processing, subcontractor management and local stocking and distribution. By adopting this model, the customer can optimise inventory, free up cash, and save space leading to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

thyssenkrupp Aerospace expert team offers valuable support in improving customers materials flows and creating efficiencies throughout the supply chain. With global reach and access to diverse supplier sources, they leverage their knowledge to optimise material sourcing. This ensures that aerospace and defence manufacturers receive the best possible solutions, minimising risks and maximising value.

Simon Davies, commercial director – Aerospace at thyssenkrupp Materials UK, explained: “The adoption of 3PL and 4PL logistics models holds immense potential for the aerospace and defence industries. By partnering with us, manufacturers can benefit from our expertise, localised material solutions, and global presence, enabling them to secure their supply chain, reduce costs, and improve overall operational efficiency.”


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