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According to Aerópolis’ manager Joaquín Rodríguez, the Aerospace Technological Park of Andalusia provides the catalyst for innovative aerospace companies working in the region.

The aerospace industry has become one of the driving forces of the Spanish and Andalusian business network and represents one of the most promising and potential industries for the area.

In the last decade it has achieved an exponential growth and its turnover has passed from €495 million in 2001 to more than €1,750 million in 2011. The aerospace subcontracting industry as well as the services industry has participated in such a growth and their progression hasn’t only been quantitative but also qualitative, so the business volume increment has been accompanied by the best productivity rates, increasing R&D investment, a progressive orientation towards bigger added value sectors and a growing market diversification.

This evolution of the Andalusian aerospace industry comes unquestionably together with the establishment of the Airbus A400M Final Assembly Line in Seville, as well as the dynamism of entrepreneurs and the right public policies designed to boost the industry. These policies have enabled new players to contribute to improving the industry, and the Aerospace Technological Park of Andalusia, Aerópolis is one of them.

Established in late 2003 under the initiative of the Andalusian Government, the setup of Aerópolis was a commitment which may be considered as risky when you consider that there are hardly any precedents of parks exclusively devoted to aerospace activities. However, this singularity together with other factors, like its location close to the A400M final assembly line, has been a determining factor in companies looking to relocate there, and today the Park is home to 55 enterprises, including Airbus Military, top level suppliers like Aernnova and Alestis and a healthy number of service companies specialising in the most promising aerospace areas.

In eight years, Aerópolis has become one of the greatest drivers of the Andalusian aerospace industry. Almost all of the good news taking place within the industry happens in an advanced or amplified way in Aerópolis. Nearly half of Andalusia’s aerospace turnover comes as a direct result of the Park, while a third of the region’s total aerospace employees reside here. Experience usually dictates that technological parks encourage the most competitive and innovative business growth – and this experience has found a very remarkable validation for the aerospace sector from which many interpretations can be taken.

One of these interpretations is the importance for the aerospace industry in having facilities that are fully-equipped and with good connections to aerospace hubs. In the case of Aerópolis, the convergence of these conditions are obvious: the Park is close to the Seville airport; has direct connections with the main motorway towards Madrid; comprises land, offices and warehouses which have no equal in terms of versatility and economic conditions, as well as excellent common infrastructures. However, other interpretations are possible and necessary and are more related to intangible matters that result from bringing together in the same space all the intelligence of the sector and boosting multiple activities to allow contacts and synergies to emerge in this environment.

For that reason, most of the effort at Aerópolis is orientated to encourage the growth of those companies onsite and help them with training, information, R&D and most notably, mutual collaboration between enterprises and research centres, such as its Centre for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (CATEC). Specific financial incentives to help aerospace companies set up in the Park are also offered. Aerópolis will grow if its companies are growing and this is our commitment: to let our park be the best place to grow the aerospace companies with business interests in Southern Europe. 


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