Editor's comment: A world stage awaits

As the saying goes, we all get fifteen minutes of fame. That’s one quarter hour or nine hundred seconds to grab an opportunity to show the world what you can offer.

Your stage awaits, and unless you’ve had your head in the clouds, it won’t have escaped your attention that the Farnborough International Airshow is almost upon us. It represents a golden opportunity for aerospace manufacturing primes, tiers and SMEs to have their moment in the spotlight.

Above Farnborough, jet fighters will roar as the afterburner boom beats a rhythm on our ribcages whilst elsewhere, aerobatics displays will occasionally require us to pick our chins up off the floor.

But it’s what’s inside the trade halls that counts and regardless of whether your company has a major or minor role, look around Farnborough’s busy aisles this year and at the very heart you’ll find a band of committed individuals and companies attending and exhibiting - for the sole purpose of meeting people, forming partnerships and doing business.

Farnborough will continue to promote success by way of the announcements for orders that take place throughout its halls – many of which will hopefully generate business for everyone connected with the industry. After all, where else in the world are the major aerospace players brought together for one week to perform for a captive audience under one roof?

This year’s Airshow will hope to catch the next wave of innovation. There will always be new aircraft launches, but the rate at which technology is rushing headlong into the future means it won’t be too long before the next wave wipes them away.

Farnborough will provide the aerospace industry with a world stage and what takes place within its bustling trade halls will be the play. Your 15 minutes of fame starts here!

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Editor's comment: Your stage awaits

As the old saying goes, we all get fifteen minutes of fame. That’s one quarter hour or nine hundred seconds to grab an opportunity to show the world what you can offer.
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