AERTEC Solutions signs Ministry of Defence agreement

AMFeb19News - aertec
AMFeb19News - aertec

AERTEC Solutions says it is facing a new year of consolidation in the Spanish defence sector, thanks to two important milestones that have occurred in parallel.

Firstly, the company has just signed an agreement that will regulate its collaboration with the Ministry of Defence/Air Force for the next four years. This establishes the terms under which support will be provided for carrying out the ground and flight tests required by some of the company’s products currently being developed in the field of Security and Defence.

Among other things, AERTEC will carry out tasks involving engineering, requirement design, parameterisation, detailed design, prototyping, monitoring and testing of prototypes in unit tests, integration tests, “permit to fly” tests, support for flight tests, and analysis of results.

The first project to be developed under this agreement is called BASGE (Air-to-Surface Guided Bomb for Training), a proposal developed entirely by AERTEC Solutions. It has been selected as a technology development project of interest for Defence within the Programme for Cooperation in Scientific Research and Development in Strategic Technologies (Coincidente Programme). The company has an important background in laser guidance systems in the military sector, and since 2016 it has been working with the Air Force to identify a number of improvements in the area of military pilot training. Thanks to this call for proposals from the Coincidente Programme, which is organised and managed by the Directorate-General for Armament and Material (DGAM), 22 business and scientific projects will be funded, including BASGE. Over the next two years, AERTEC will develop a prototype, 30% of which will be financed by the Ministry of Defence.

Pedro Becerra, the corporate manager of AERTEC Solutions for the Defence market, has highlighted the “importance of, firstly, being awarded this research project and, at the same time, signing an agreement with the Air Force, which will allow us to continue applying our technology in the defence sector in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry”.

AERTEC Solutions also presented another technological project within the call for proposals from the Coincidente Programme, called SAMFOX (Safe Separation Air Missile FOX). This project has been kept in reserve, but will go ahead in the event that any of the initially selected proposals relating to a specific subject matter are not contracted.




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