Alvant set to return to Advanced Engineering show

AMOct19News - Alvant
AMOct19News - Alvant

Aluminium Matrix Composite (AMC) specialist, Alvant, returns to the Advanced Engineering show to discuss the company’s progress regarding improvements in performance, efficiency and lightweighting of aircraft and electric vehicles.

AMCs are a family of aluminium-based materials that have been reinforced with high-performance ceramic and are suitable for applications where conventional metals are expected to approach or exceed their performance limits. AMCs can be tailored for stiffness, strength, density, thermal and electric properties.

Alvant’s unique Advanced Liquid Pressure Forming (ALPF) method allows for either the selective reinforcement of areas of a mechanical component in a near net shape manufacturing approach, or alternatively, Alvant’s materials can be cost-effectively applied as discrete inserts into a component where an array of similar inserts meet the performance requirements.

Alvant’s development work on aerospace includes the use of AMCs in linkages and structures that are highly loaded and require low weight for efficiency, while being safety critical.

An ongoing landing gear project will see Alvant produce a high-strength, cost-efficient, lightweight brake rod - which aims to displace the existing titanium brake rods by offering a 40% weight saving while providing the same strength as the legacy metal.

Alvant will be speaking at the event and exhibiting in the Performance Metals Engineering zone at location i36.

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