Antemo invests in Stratasys 3D printing technology


Additive manufacturing solutions provider, Stratasys, has announced Austrian engineering and manufacturing service bureau, Antemo, has invested in a large-scale industrial-grade Stratasys F900 3D Printer to advance its production operations and open up new business opportunities.

The company will use the technology to help reduce per part production costs and accelerate overall throughput. Additionally, Antemo aims to leverage the attributes of Stratasys’ flight-rated advanced thermoplastics to expand its service offering for the aerospace industry with certifiable 3D printed production parts.

Already servicing various industries with bespoke part solutions, Antemo plans to use the F900 3D printer to manufacture prototypes, production and small series parts for the healthcare, semiconductor and aerospace industries. Specifically, for the latter, the company aims to harness the F900’s capability to 3D print in materials that enable easier part certification – adding a new competitive edge to its business proposition.

“The ability to 3D print parts that are certifiable for the aerospace industry was not possible for us in previous years. As such, to date we have been using CNC milling and turning for our part production,” said Martin Brunner, CEO, Antemo. “However, the Stratasys F900 3D Printer offers another dimension to our production insofar as both time and cost-savings; it allows us to by-pass lengthy and complicated programming, as well as expensive production costs associated with CNC milling. We will now be able to produce customised solutions at a lower cost per part and make production more repeatable and reliable.”

The F900’s large build tray was another draw for Antemo, as the technology enables 914.4 x 609.6 x 914.4 mm sized parts to be built in one print. This extends Antemo’s manufacturing scope by enabling the production of larger interior aircraft cabin parts.

“For the aerospace industry, we see great potential in the F900 3D printer to expand our production capabilities,” added Brunner. “When creating interior aircraft cabin parts, the Stratasys ULTEM 9085 resin available on the F900 3D printer is a particular asset, as it is FST compliant and offers high chemical and thermal resistance. This is ideal for producing lightweight parts on-demand for our customers that can be certified for the aerospace industry.”



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