Anti-Counterfeiting Forum releases more seminar details

The Anti-Counterfeiting Forum has announced its 10th Annual Seminar is to be held on Wednesday 20th March 2019 at BAE Systems Park Centre in Farnborough, Hampshire.

It promises to prove to be valuable to both those new to the threat who are looking for an introduction to the topic, and more experienced professionals in counterfeit mitigation practices to bring them up to date in the latest developments as the presentations confirmed so far include a wealth of new and topical material.

Presentations will look at new developments in the management of counterfeit devices, including in international standards, to be presented by SAE Industry Technologies Consortia, and in detection methods with Obidos Consulting and Cranfield University will reveal new and potentially ground-breaking detection solutions.

The UK’s Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy will introduce its newly formed Office for Product Safety and Standards and explain how this new body will provide support to industry. The UK’s Intellectual Property Office jointly with the Anti-Counterfeiting Forum will lead an open discussion session on the development of a new protocol to provide clearer guidance on what to do when a counterfeit device has been detected, providing delegates with an important opportunity to help shape the protocol.

Counterfeit semiconductors are still the single largest major issue we face and a presentation from Rochester Electronics will look at the increasing sophistication of these counterfeits and their potential impact on electronic systems and equipment as the capability of the counterfeiters develops.

A presentation from the Performance Review Institute will talk about third party accreditation for organisations in the management of counterfeits, a key element in helping procurement professionals differentiate between potential suppliers and in enabling suppliers themselves achieve competitive advantage.

The exhibition space, which will be located in the refreshment and buffet launch area, will provide delegates with the opportunity to take away further useful information and make potential new contacts.


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