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HHV3 extrusion and bar machining with high production capabilities
HHV3 extrusion and bar machining with high production capabilities

According to Modig, the company’s CNC machine tools address the customers’ core challenges and provide clear competitive advantages when it comes to wing component machining.

Modig Machine Tool presents its latest addition – Modig Automation Systems. The company says Machine tool automation will boost its customers’ machining centres and contribute to greater flexibility, higher quality, and increased productivity in production. With its expertise, Modig says it offers the latest technology for part loading/unloading, bar feeding, pallet changing, robotics, and much more to its machining centres. Reliable automation from Modig Group is set to take productivity to the next level. Complete production cells for workpiece handling – from a single source.

Q) Firstly, what are the types of performance demands placed on you by your customers?

Our customer relationship has always been an important part in the Modig family spirit and will always be. We are building long-term relationships with our customers. You are not buying a machine; you are buying a Modig.

Q) What aspects of your latest machining centres are your customers particularly happy with?

Quote from Modig customer Chad Tharp, director – product management of B&B Airparts: “In researching for a machining platform that would push us ahead of our competitors, we needed to target floor space reduction, reduced material waste, versatility, and speed. We have identified a machine with these key characteristics and so much more. The Modig HHV gives us an unfair advantage in so many ways. The versatility of running both bar and extruded shapes of unlimited length isn’t found in any other platform on the market.

“We now have the ability to ‘bar feed’ multi-axis parts and drop them into a parts catcher completely unattended by floor personnel. Long floor beams and complex extruded shapes are easier and faster than before. The high RPM spindle and variable clamping system ensures fast material removal while controlling holding fixture force and location. Modig has changed the way we look at machining.”

Q) With regard to wing component manufacturing, what parts are your customers’ machine tools used mainly for?

Modig has several machine models for wing component manufacturing. Depending on component size, length, and material both the RigiMill and the HHV offers great benefits with Modig’s turnkey solutions.

The HHV is excellent for machining small stringers, spars and ribs and provides a strong advantage with a competitive price per part. The HHV was developed in close cooperation with the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers. It handles uncut bars and extrusions and is ideal for limited production runs, nesting, or high-volume production. Also seat tracks and links are machined with incredible time savings of 50-76% compared to conventional machining. The HHV provides the benefit of making many parts from the same size bar or extrusion, complete parts in one setup, no work holding, and a significant reduction in cycle time. Modig has more than 30 years of experience of extrusion and bar machining and the HHV has been awarded for its machine design.

For larger ribs, stringers, and spars - the Modig RigiMill is the right choice. RigiMill, the Beast of Efficiency, offers up to 19.7 litres of chip removal per minute in aluminium. The RigiMill architecture is the key to its phenomenal rigidity. Indeed, it is extremely compact monolithic cast iron bridge equipped with a vertical moving cross-rail running on five guideways offers the highest rigidity at the spindle to deal easily with most challenging cutting forces.

Q) What kinds of productivity benefits and synergies do your customers enjoy from the successful implementation of your CNC machine tools?

Modig has been in the aerospace industry for more than 40 years and our innovative machining solutions focus on the customer’s core challenges and provide a competitive advantage in industries such as aerospace. The Modig technology secures reduced cycle times, operating costs, waste, and environmental impact, with valuable benefits of increased machine uptime and overall capacity.

Q) Finally, what differentiates your company from the CNC machine tool competition and why should a customer use you over your nearest rival?

We are five years ahead of our competition. Our innovative, cutting-edge technology and turnkey solutions puts us in the forefront in the competition. This is combined with the genuine family spirit that been within the company from the beginning.



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