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Accelerating with additive

Curtiss-Wright Sensor UK’s operations department reveals how it has successfully integrated additive manufacturing into its production processes.
2 weeks ago Features

Space race gets additive advantage

The UK government aims to capture 10% of the global space industry by 2030. Kieron Salter, CEO at the Digital Manufacturing Centre and Mike Curtis-Rouse, head of manufacturing for space at the Satellite Applications Catapult look at whether additive manufacturing can unlock this ambition.
2 weeks ago Features

Editor's comment: Who do we think we are?

I’m all for a bit of blue-sky thinking, but is there a chink in the way that we think? As I mop up the drops of milk I’ve spilt on the breakfast table, it’s occurred to me that whilst we’ve designed spaceships capable of giving wealthy people the ride of their life, why can’t we design a milk carton that pours properly?
2 weeks ago Features

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