CGTech enhances Vericut’s MachiningCloud Connection

CGTech, creator of Vericut and MachiningCloud, have announced a Vericut enhancement in MachiningCloud whereby Vericut customers can import cutting parameters from cutting tool manufacturers from within MachiningCloud directly into Vericut.

Vericut CNC machine simulation, verification and optimisation software detects CNC programming errors as well as potential collisions from the same NC code that drives the CNC machine. MachiningCloud is a product data provider for leading cutting tool manufacturers, CNC machines and workholding.

After defining a tooling package on the MachiningCloud and directly downloading all the tool assemblies within the package into Vericut, customers can now obtain the cutting parameters of the tool to verify that the tool was programmed correctly.

The process is simple:

  • Build a MachiningCloud job containing your tool assemblies
  • Export the job downloading it to your local computer
  • From within Vericut click once to import all the tools from the job. In this step, 3D geometry representing the cutting tool assembly is imported into Vericut along with the cutting parameters for that tool
  • Simulate using your tool assemblies just created in the MachiningCloud.

“This enhancement in the Vericut MachiningCloud connection will further help the simulation process by bringing the cutting tool manufacturers knowledge into Vericut”, says Christophe Rogazy, director of product management for MachiningCloud.

“The importing of the tool’s cutting parameters with the 3D tool geometry into Vericut will allow the user to take advantage of other verification checks our software offers to further improve their programs.  These tool cutting parameters can also be used in Vericut’s Force and OptiPath modules to better optimise the CNC program”, said Jeff Voegele, Vericut Product Specialist, CGTech.

Michael Tyrrell :Digital Coordinator