Clean, dry and fly!


Companies manufacturing components face the challenge of how to remove swarf, oil and other contaminants efficiently and reliably from difficult-to-reach areas. Often, easily accessible surfaces are over-cleaned before the cleanliness of interior contours meet the specifications laid down by the customer.

To address the problem, German firm Mafac has introduced a new, cleaning, rinsing and drying system option for its industrial cleaning machines, sold in the UK through sole agent, Turbex.

Central to the new process is a tool positioning system (TPS) into which the parts to be cleaned are fixtured. Via integrated nozzles positioned to suit the components, water or air is guided directly to bores, channels, holes and other difficult areas to be cleaned.

Currently, the new targeted cleaning process is available for Mafac’s JAVA and PALMA machines. Other benefits of the process include lower process temperature and hence energy savings, shorter cleaning times, reproducible quality and reduced consumption of cleaning chemicals.





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