ELE Advanced Technologies Ltd

Making things possible

Aerospace Manufacturing hears from CEO, David Stanley to find out how ELE Advanced Technologies has made partnerships central to everything it does. Its focus is on making things possible which, as he explains, can only be achieved through effective partnerships across the supply chain.
3 months ago

ELE at the double with sponsorship of local sides

Nelson-based manufacturing company, ELE Advanced Technologies has pledged its support for local side Colne FC and grassroots setup Kelbrook Phoenix FC, sponsoring the two clubs ahead of the 2023/24 season.
9 months ago

The demand for change

It’s both a challenging and exciting time for the aerospace sector. With so many factors at play, the demand for change is strong. According to ELE Advanced Technologies’ CEO, Manesh Pandya the opportunity to grow the industry’s size and sustainability is clear, however a substantial shift in the culture may be needed to make these aspirations a reality.
10 months ago

The hole kit and caboodle

Producing complex turbine components for aero engines, ELE Advanced Technologies has developed novel cooling hole technology to improve engine performance.
1 year ago

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