Making data work for you

In a Q&A session, Srinath Jonnalagadda, Autodesk’s vice-president of business strategy for design & manufacturing tells Aerospace Manufacturing how the company helps its customers capture and share knowledge.
2 years ago

Editor's comment: All in the mind

Having just celebrated yet another birthday I’d like to think that the older I get, the better I was. The problem is that although I’ve become better at remembering things that happened a long time ago, I’m increasingly forgetting what it was I’ve just climbed to top of the stairs for.
2 years ago

Ready to make anything!

Autodesk’s collaborative research & innovation team manager, Kelvin Hamilton explains why directed energy deposition (DED) must become a basic tool in the aerospace manufacturing toolbox.
3 years ago

Axes of power

Autodesk’s product marketing manager, Clinton Perry offers a definitive guide to 5-axis CNC machines being optimised for use in the aerospace manufacturing sector.
4 years ago

New whitepaper examines smart metrology for additive manufacturing

If factories are to become faster and more flexible, inspection is a bottleneck to overcome, especially in industries where 100% inspection is required. In this new whitepaper by Autodesk and Faro, smart metrology for the additive manufacturing industry.
4 years ago

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