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3D printing helps CubeSat get to orbit

3D printed components were manufactured by CRP USA for the Portland State Aerospace Society’s OreSat0 CubeSat, Oregon’s first satellite, deployed into low earth orbit in March 2021 and successfully operating since then.
1 week ago

Windform RS and Windform LX 3.0 approved for space flight

Carbon fibre-reinforced composite Windform RS and Glass fibre-reinforced composite Windform LX 3.0 from CRP Technology's Windform TOP-LINE, passed ESA standard screening outgassing tests - in accordance with ESA-TEC-PR-002015 (based on ECSS-Q-ST-70-02C). They are officially approved for the construction of applications to launch into space.
1 month ago

3D printed satellite deployer acclaimed for mechanical features

The European Space Agency (ESA) dedicated an article on Alba Orbital's cutting edge 3D printed satellite dispenser, AlbaPod V2, manufactured by CRP Technology using laser sintering technology and its patented Windform XT 2.0 Carbon-reinforced composite material.
2 years ago

CRP USA is AS9100 certified

CRP USA, a specialist in additive manufacturing and high performance composite materials, has achieved AS9100 Rev. D certification for the manufacture of 3D printed aerospace products.
2 years ago

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