Digital Manufacturing Centre

Additive and the future of rotary

While additive manufacturing has been part of the aerospace industry for over 20 years, the processes, technologies and materials are reaching an important point of maturity.
6 days ago

Space race gets additive advantage

The UK government aims to capture 10% of the global space industry by 2030. Kieron Salter, CEO at the Digital Manufacturing Centre and Mike Curtis-Rouse, head of manufacturing for space at the Satellite Applications Catapult look at whether additive manufacturing can unlock this ambition.
10 months ago

Room for two

Whether it’s additive or subtractive, there’s room for two when it comes to the future of aerospace manufacturing. The Digital Manufacturing Centre and Produmax team up to meet the OEMs’ growing additive manufacturing needs.
1 year ago

Adapt and overcome

Digital Manufacturing Centre’s (DMC) CEO, Kieron Salter discusses the future of the aerospace industry and the role that additive manufacturing will play.
1 year ago

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