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Unravelling the challenge of threading 

Tapping is one of the most demanding and problematic machining applications. Dormer Pramet's Johan Bodin, product manager for threading, answers several questions about the company’s solid taps programme, key challenges faced by machinists and the options available to end users.
2 years ago

Shaping productivity in die & mould

Dormer Pramet’s family of economical milling tools has been enhanced with several new ranges for semi-finishing and finishing in die and mould applications.
2 years ago

Achieving the best of both worlds

Versatility has become a necessity for modern cutting tools, but should this requirement compromise a quality end product?
3 years ago

Milling from a different angle

Dormer Pramet has introduced a versatile new line of tools and inserts to support economical shoulder milling applications in a wide variety of materials.
4 years ago

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