Guyson International

Guyson twin spindle blast machine for etching tubular components

Guyson International, the UK's leading manufacturer of industrial finishing equipment has recently manufactured and installed into a UK manufacturing company an automated Multiblast RSB twin spindle blast system for externally blast etching various sizes of tubular components.
1 year ago

High productivity metal finishing

Guyson International, the UK industrial finishing equipment manufacturer, has recently added the Guyson Multiblast RXS1400 automated blast system to its portfolio of Rotating indeXing Spindle systems.
2 years ago

Guyson delivers more cleaning machines for ventilator challenge

Guyson International, the UK industrial finishing equipment manufacturer based in Skipton, North Yorkshire, has recently delivered and installed a further precision cleaning machine to Rolls-Royce Filton in Bristol, for the VentilatorChallengeUK consortium.
3 years ago

Guyson announces robotic shot peening system installation

Guyson International, the UK’s foremost industrial finishing equipment manufacturer, has designed, manufactured and installed into an international manufacturing company, a large automated, robot loaded, dual media shot peening system for fatigue life enhancement, typically required in aerospace and medical applications.
4 years ago

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