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The heart of the digital chain

Supported by Hexagon’s NCSIMUL software and French aerospace industry group, GIFAS, Aerospace Manufacturing hears why simulation now lies at the heart of Lorentz Group's digital chain.
7 months ago

Hexagon launches new release of NCSIMUL

New smart CNC machining simulation software, released by Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, addresses long-suffered 5-axis machine instability so manufacturers can achieve quality without sacrificing productivity.
11 months ago

The perfect fit

Aerospace Manufacturing hears how a WORKPLAN MES solution provides the perfect fit for high-end aerospace toolmaker, API Design & Build, whilst a Hexagon CMM is helping keep its metrology in-house and cost-effective.
1 year ago

Hooked on aerospace success

With the target of just two machining operations for even the most highly complex 5-axis components, Leemark selected ALPHACAM’s CAD/CAM software to help it manufacture helicopter cargo hooks.
1 year ago

Riding the CAD/CAM wave

An engineering subcontractor moves all its CAM programming across to EDGECAM after Seco Tooling provides them with support solutions to specific issues on complex components. Aerospace Manufacturing reports.
2 years ago

Smarter data control for aerospace manufacturing

In the last of a series of Q&A articles from top production control software developers, Jo Bradley, software consultant at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s production software business, ERP Division, which develops the Javelin and Workplan platforms, discusses the advantages of the latest Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems that integrate many facets of a manufacturing business.
2 years ago

Taking control with smarter software

Aerospace manufacturers are increasingly utilising the power of software, such as Material Requirement Planning and Enterprise Resource Planning to manage and integrate all facets of their business. Ed Hill speaks to three leading developers of this software.
2 years ago

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