Horn Cutting Tools

Horn unveils new tool system for milling light materials

For its patented M409 tangential milling system, tooling manufacturer Horn has introduced new rhombic indexable inserts with polished rake faces to enable efficient machining of non-ferrous metals in the ISO N material group, principally aluminium alloys.
1 month ago

New carbide grades for high feed milling of tougher materials

Horn has announced the introduction of two new carbide grades for inserts used in its DAH82 and DAH84 high feed milling systems, enabling their use for machining a wider range of materials. The expansion gives customers the ability to choose grades best adapted to their applications.
1 year ago

Horn unveils new cubic boron nitride tools

Horn has announced an expansion of its product portfolio to include tools tipped with cubic boron nitride (CBN) for machining difficult materials, such as superalloys and hardened steels.
1 year ago

Raising gear production efficiency

Aerospace Manufacturing hears how Horn’s skiving tools more than halves gear teeth machining times and reduces overall production time by nearly two-thirds.
1 year ago

New tools for milling small holes

Tool manufacturer Horn has extended its range of products to enable circular interpolation milling of holes down to 8mm in diameter.
1 year ago

Horn unveil new coatings for carbide inserts

Horn has introduced two new, high-performance coatings, IG6 and SG3, for the carbide inserts it manufactures for turning applications. Despite being less than 0.005mm thick, such coatings can extend service life by a factor of 10 or more compared to uncoated inserts.
1 year ago

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