JPB Systeme

On the runway

As the aerospace industry emerges from the turbulence of recent years’, Grégory Chauvet, general manager of JPB Système, gives us his thoughts on some of the foremost topical issues as well as the challenges and opportunities that face manufacturers.
1 week ago

Can recruitment keep up with growth?

After the shutdowns during the Covid pandemic saw huge numbers of layoffs and redundancies across the aerospace industry, companies throughout the supply chain now face a massive recruitment problem, as aircraft production and continued growth in airline travel ramps up faster than predicted. Grégory Chauvet, general manager at JPB Système takes a closer look.
4 months ago

JPB announces production milestone of 5 million flight parts

JPB Système, a leading manufacturer of cost- and time-saving technology solutions for aerospace and other industries, has announced that it has manufactured five million separate flight parts since the start of its production operations over twenty years ago.
6 months ago

Smart thinking realises industry 4.0

Jocelyn Vecchio, director of engineering and innovation at JPB Système, looks at recent changes and challenges for companies like JPB, as well as why a fully-connected shopfloor is the way forward for any manufacturer seeking to fully realise the Industry 4.0 vision.
2 years ago

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