LK Metrology

Gauge confirms accuracy of measuring machines after calibration

A new range of UKAS-certified length and form artefacts complete with holding fixture has been introduced by coordinate measuring machine (CMM) manufacturer LK Metrology, allowing the inspection accuracy of any 3D measuring platform to be verified.
3 weeks ago

Made to measure and measure

LK Metrology’s involvement with aerospace manufacturing dates right back to its origins when it was involved in the development of CMM touch-trigger probing with Rolls-Royce. In this Q&A article sales, marketing and service director, Steve Shickell, outlines the technology it offers the industry today.
1 month ago

Guideway material reduces cost of large-volume gantry CMMs

British coordinate measuring machine (CMM) manufacturer LK Metrology has introduced a third series of large-capacity models to sit alongside its established bridge-type machines and very-large-scale gantry-type machines, which offer extremely high accuracy due to their ceramic moving guideways.
1 year ago

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