A personalised airborne paint job

VIP aircraft owners not only expect luxurious interiors but also demand a first-class exterior finish, so their aircraft can be an eye-catcher on the runways of Saint Moritz or the island of Saint Barts.
1 year ago

Promoting the coating

Aerospace Manufacturing hears how one of Mankiewicz’s paint stripping ‘coating concepts of the future’ is helping to make life a whole lot easier for Boeing 787 operators.
3 years ago

Finishing on a high note!

In a Q&A session, Andreas Ossenkopf, Mankiewicz’s director – head of aviation looks at the trends, demands and challenges associated with surface finishing within the aerospace sector.
4 years ago

Customer-centric coatings covered

Committed to making the REACH changeover as easy as possible for its customers, Mankiewicz reveals that it has gained authorisation for the continued use of the CELEROL WashPrimer.
4 years ago

AIX 2019: New generation of germ-reducing coatings

Mankiewicz is presenting a second-generation interior paint at Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX 2019), with antimicrobial effective additives. By preventing mould and odours, it helps improve in-flight hygiene.
4 years ago

Continued use of CELEROL WashPrimer despite REACH

For a number of years now, one of the main topics of conversation in aircraft painting has been the effect of REACH and how end users will have to adapt to ensure the continuity of business.
5 years ago

Go flexible, now!

Ever faced undesired paint cracking on engine nacelles? Mankiewicz has developed a highly flexible primer coating solution that is able to withstand the movements and stretching of composites by absorbing their energy.
5 years ago

Smarter coatings for surfaces

Mankiewicz has been producing paints for aircraft applications for more than 40 years. Ed Hill discovers more about its interior coating developments.
5 years ago

Painting the high flyers

The Mankiewicz Group supplies high-quality coating systems for industrial series production to various sectors. Ed Hill hears about its coatings used for aerospace applications.
6 years ago

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