Solid State Disks

SSDL unveils SCSIFlash-Fast to protect and enhance legacy computing systems

Solid State Disks Ltd. (SSDL), a leading manufacturer of solid-state-drives (SSDs) and a value-added reseller (VAR) of latest-technology Flash and DRAM solutions, has launched SCSIFlash-Fast, a swap-in upgrade/replacement for electromechanical hard disk drives (HDDs) that use the SCSI interface.
3 months ago

Reliability improved and confidence restored

Solid-state-based emulators are increasingly replacing floppy drives and other yesteryear storage technologies. Brian McSloy, chief technology officer of Solid State Disks Ltd (SSDL) explains how solid-state-based swap-in drives are keeping host systems operational and delivering new features.
3 months ago

The age of information

In a Q&A session, Solid State Disks’ sales director, James Hilken looks at the latest trends and demands surrounding the areas of memory and storage and what the sector needs to consider when designing and developing new systems.
3 years ago

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