Digital twin simulation software delivers hard benefits to CNC users

We are LAUDA Technology – the world leader in precise temperature control, and your reliable Aerospace partner.

Since 1956, LAUDA has been providing constant temperature equipment and heating and cooling systems to a wide range of customers. This has grown over the years and many of our life-long customers are from a range of industries, working in; research and development, laboratories, the semiconductor industry, automotive and of course, aerospace engineering and production.

Our portfolio of equipment boasts a wide range of units, all tailored to your specific needs. LAUDA’s highly-durable process circulator product range provides thermoregulation for external applications from 320°C down to as low as -90°C. An example of this is the Integral XT Circulation Thermostat - with up to 25kW of cooling power - it’s designed to meet the most stringent of customer needs, whilst providing reliable performance.

The Integral XT operates in accordance to the flow principle with a cold oil blanket that enables the utilisation of temperature control during dynamic temperature control tasks. A modular interface concept that is fit for the future ensures maximum networking of user processes. In addition, all the units in the Integral range offer our new software - LAUDA.LIVE - for safe and reliable remote maintenance and monitoring.

The LAUDA Proline units also provide accuracy and safety in aerospace testing. With the LAUDA Proline Kryomat’s temperature range of -90°C - 200°C, it serves as an excellent heating and cooling system in testing phases for spacecraft sub-systems. With a 3.5kW heater and up to 6kW of cooling power, these units are also used to heat and cool entire satellites.

Some of LAUDA’s smaller units are used for testing and production inside the lab too – our LAUDA TD 4 Tensiometer is used in the process of aluminium etching. The role of the LAUDA TD 4 Tensiometer is to measure the surface tension of the etching solution. The aluminium then in turn, is used to manufacture aircraft wings.

If you find yourself needing further specialist support, we also provide completely bespoke heating and cooling solutions - that can be tailored to meet any requirement.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with our experts today to discuss your specific thermoregulation and temperature control needs.
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