Disc Mill spins the cutters

Disc Mill spins the cutters

Seco has expanded its range of disc milling inserts and cutter bodies by introducing its 335.14 small-diameter exchangeable head system, its 335.16 cutter range for T-slot operations, and cassette versions of its 335.25 cutters that incorporate round inserts.

Ideal for groove milling, circlip grooves, full radius profiles and chamfering, the 335.14 product line is available in a wide variety of cylindrical and integrated collet chuck shanks with diameters ranging from 9.7mm to 34.7mm cutting widths from 0.7mm to 5.15mm.

335.16 cutters have insert geometries that help reduce machining forces and noise and significantly improve tool life. They also feature centralised cooling channels for effective chip removal. The cutters are available in diameters ranging from 25mm to 50mm based on standard T-slot dimensions. The wide selection of insert geometries and insert grades can cut many materials in widths ranging from 11mm to 21mm.

The expanded line of 335.25 disc mill cutters now includes new cassettes for 16mm and 20mm round insert diameters. Regular and extra-large cassette sizes accept 16mm and 20mm round insert diameters, and cutter diameters range from 100mm to 315mm.

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