Divinycell brings versatility to mobile satellite communications

AMAugust16News - AvL
AMAugust16News - AvL

Accuracy and reliability are vital to satellite communications, and that means using an antenna manufactured with the best materials and processes available.

AvL Technologies, specialist in mobile satellite antenna ground terminals, produces innovative and reproducible products for emerging markets. AvL Technologies has chosen Diab as its primary supplier of closed cell foam products for SatCom applications.

AvL Technologies manufactures a wide assortment of satellite antennas for fixed, vehicle-mount and flyaway earth stations, with sizes ranging from 60cm to 5m. Their products have been put to use in a number of different markets, including military and defence, broadcast and media, as well as civil service and disaster relief. With multiple applications, AvL relies on high quality materials that are able to meet vastly different needs.

Working closely with Diab's experts, AvL Technologies selected Divinycell HP80 as the primary material for the structural core of their mobile antenna reflectors. Divinycell HP80 provides high temperature resistance, enabling the material to be thermoformed. This capability is important for shaping an earth station reflector and guaranteeing the required high surface accuracy of the final product.

Switching to Divinycell as a core material has also helped expand manufacturing processes for a wider variety of SatCom applications. Divinycell HP was developed to meet demands in both high temperature systems and low temperature systems, allowing AvL Technologies to use a variety of processes in the fabrication of antenna construction. AvL Technologies offers customised, high-performance solutions for unique customer requirements, and Divinycell ensures AvL Technologies has broader processing capabilities to select the right process for each job.


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