Dormer Pramet upgrades its flagship turning grade

AMMarch21News - dormer
AMMarch21News - dormer

Dormer Pramet has upgraded its flagship PVD grade T8330 with a new coating generation, providing increased durability and performance.

The T8430 is a versatile grade for general turning and heavy roughing, even in unfavourable conditions. Developed for steel and cast steel, the Pramet grade also performs well in stainless steel, cast iron and super alloys.

A multi-layered PVD coating optimised for increased productivity, the T8430 provides up to 69% more durability compared to the previous T8330. This is especially the case when machining raw steel blanks or difficult materials, such as Inconel and Stellite.

A Titanium-Boron-Nitride (TiBN) top layer offers build-up edge reduction and improved performance, while a thick TiN coating gives low compressive stress for crater wear resistance. In addition, the hard AlTiN of the T8430 secures flank wear resistance, with a bright gold TiN layer to support wear detection.


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