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crystal ball world
crystal ball world

As 2020 ushers in the ‘Roaring Twenties’, it will be interesting to see whether it signals the dawn of an age where unprecedented advancement in science and technology will take place in the same way it did 100 years ago.

One huge difference between then and now could be a major upheaval in the automotive industry, where a demand to reduce the environmental impact of modern transport is seeing a steady rise in electric vehicles. Whilst the telephone of 100 years ago is vastly different to today’s smart phone counterpart, the internal combustion engine hasn’t really changed that much - until now that is.

Surely, the profound impact that electric vehicle manufacture will have on traditional car engine production will be enormous, and will no doubt send shockwaves throughout global car manufacturing powerhouses whose supply chains regularly procure the latest CNC machine tool and cutting tool equipment to keep pace with engine component demand.

Whilst our manufacturing industries have adapted to the upheavals of global economic crises in the past, this will signify something completely different. The upshot of all this may result in a sea change where increasingly more tier subcontract machining companies gradually diversify into the aerospace supply chain as some of their traditional car component manufacturing contracts dry up.

If some of my speculation is having a negative effect on your outlook for 2020, then it’s best not to take anything too much to heart – clever and flexible companies will always be adept at adapting to whatever technology challenges are thrown at them.

No-one has a crystal ball that can predict what will happen over the next 100 years, but hopefully this latest issue will inform, illuminate and help guide you safely along the road to success. Here’s wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2020.

Mike Richardson, editor

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