MAA Annual Conference 2023




23 March, Thursday 9:00am, 2023 -
24 March, Friday 4:00pm, 2023

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Join up for the next MAA Annual Conference at the Royal Air Force Museum and Cold War Exhibition, Cosford.

Participating in MAA conferences gives you the chance to get ahead of the industry by exploring key market trends impacting aerospace companies and resulting business opportunities. In 2023 the MAA focus on evolving aerospace markets and new business opportunities, and this year the organisation plans to add a couple of exciting twists.

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Recent Articles

DARPA selects industry teams for heavy lifter X-plane

Two teams, General Atomics working with Maritime Applied Physics Corporation, and Aurora Flight Sciences working with Gibbs & Cox and ReconCraft, will develop designs for DARPA’s Liberty Lifter Seaplane Wing-in-Ground Effect full-scale demonstrator.

Avionics partnership for decarbonised regional aviation

Auro Aero, a pioneer in decarbonized aviation, has signed an agreement with Thales, the embedded avionic systems specialist, to jointly develop a new generation connected avionics solution, adapted to electric and hybrid regional aviation.

Liebherr installs hydrogen test bench in Toulouse test centre

Developing the decarbonized aircraft of the future is a priority shared throughout the aviation industry. Among the solutions being considered, Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse is working on systems and equipment to reduce fuel consumption and to contribute to more carbon-neutral aircraft.

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