FACC expands partnership with Airbus

FACC has been a trusted partner for Airbus for many years. Now, this strong partnership is to be expanded with the production of empennage components for A220 aircraft.

"In order to establish ourselves as an innovative, stable and reliable partner to Airbus as well as to other major customers, FACC has invested more than €500 million in its plants and highly automated facilities over the past 10 years.

With this new order, FACC is expanding its close cooperation with Airbus in the aerostructures segment, and thus consolidating its strong position in the aviation industry in the long term.

FACC is the sole supplier for the A220 rudder and elevator. The first components will be delivered in early 2022. With its consistent growth strategy and clear commitment to top performance, the aerospace group is breaking new ground together with its partners and is already working today on the innovations of tomorrow - to make international airspace not only safer and more efficient, but also more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The project comprises the manufacture and assembly of the rudders and elevators, and represents another milestone for FACC in its partnership with Airbus.

"Technological leadership as well as the move towards more complex aircraft structures is a central topic in the aircraft industry, and we have been working on this intensively for years. FACC has achieved an internationally leading role as a result of vigorous research and development work," said Robert Machtlinger, CEO of FACC. "This is certainly one of the main reasons why Airbus now uses FACC's know-how for the empennage components of the A220.”

The elevators and rudders serve to control and stabilise the aircraft in the air, and therefore play a central role in the flight operations of the A220. The technical requirements for the production of the primary structural elements are naturally demanding and complex: with a length of 6.4 meters and a width of 1.9 meters, the production of the rudder, for instance, not only requires the utmost precision, but also high-level logistical management.

A sophisticated manufacturing concept and the in-house production of the metal components at FACC via a highly efficient automated 5-axis CNC milling machine will ensure compliance with the high technical requirements.



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