FeatureCAM 2016 delivers new features and improvements

AMJune16NEws - Delcam
AMJune16NEws - Delcam

Delcam, an Autodesk company, sets the industry standard for CAM software, and the company incorporates a wealth of new features into every release of its FeatureCAM product for automating CNC programming.

Delcam's FeatureCAM 2016 R3 delivers a range of new features and improvements such as new toolpath strategies and access to Autodesk A360 collaboration software.

The FeatureCAM 2016 R3 enhancements begin with the capability to automatically control rotational machine axes during indexing or 3+2 machining. Machine limits can be used; from a machine design file, by specifying custom limits or using the shortest rotation the machine can take.

The new enhancements also include the ability to program two tools mounted to the same turning head tool holder. Turning heads are tool holders that enable turning operations when used on a milling machine.

Next, FeatureCAM 2016 R3 users can now create spiral toolpaths for face milling operations. Depending on the part shape, this can reduce air cutting for a more efficient toolpath.

The user interface improvements also enable an improved workflow. The improvements include a new apply button within the transform dialogue for faster transformations, quicker navigation to feature coolants from the results tab, a new feature tab for post-processor variables to improve navigation, and a change to the simulation algorithm that results in better simulation speeds.

Finally, the incorporation of Autodesk A360 enables project collaboration, file viewing and file sharing – all within a single, central workspace.

“FeatureCAM automates the workflow from design to NC code,” said Sanjay Thakore, product marketing manager at Delcam. “Automation tools including feature recognition reduce programming time and increase programming consistency. The new features in FeatureCAM 2016 R3 will further enhance programming capabilities, ultimately resulting in increased productivity.”




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