French and German industries call for a strong recovery plan

GIFAS (French Aerospace Industries Association) and BDLI (German Aerospace Industries Association) today held a joint meeting of their respective Executive Committees of their Boards of Directors.

This virtually held meeting was chaired by Eric Trappier, chairman of GIFAS and chairman & CEO of Dassault Aviation, and Dirk Hoke, chairman of BDLI and CEO of Airbus Defence & Space.

The joint meeting assessed the situation of the French and German aerospace industries, which are facing an unprecedented challenge due to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting provided an opportunity to define a common vision for the measures which will need to be taken for the recovery of the European aerospace and defence industry.

The chairmen of GIFAS and BDLI urgently call for an ambitious European recovery plan in favour of civil aerospace to preserve the future of the industry. The plan will support the joint efforts of the profession in favour of innovation and responsible aviation, while also integrating environmental issues.

Trappier and Hoke also ask for strong support at European level in the fields of defence and space, at a time when budgetary and sovereignty issues are of upmost importance.

“France and Germany are two countries at the origin of a remarkable cooperation in the field of European aerospace. This crisis is an opportunity to reaffirm our strong commitment to civil aeronautics and defence and space. The achievements of our commitments have been at the heart of European construction for several decades. We need the support of Europe,” stated Trappier on this occasion.

BDLI’s chairman, Hoke added: “France and Germany cooperate more in aerospace than any other two countries in the world. Building on these successes, facing this coronavirus crisis, we are sending a strong message to European political decision-makers, to industry and to the general public: we need a sustained support for our industry, essential to continue building a stronger Europe together.”

Both associations, during their meeting, underlined the excellent bilateral industrial cooperation. They also recalled the interaction and interdependence in many civil and military fields, and the major role that the two countries play in Europe, both in aerospace and defence.

The Franco-German aerospace supply chains, from SMEs to equipment and systems manufacturers, have also benefited from excellent and ambitious cooperative relationships for several decades, as stated by GIFAS and BDLI.



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