Full speed ahead for WMT

Full speed ahead for WMT

Available in the UK and Ireland through sole agent Whitehouse Machine Tools, Brother has introduced an uprated version of its Speedio M140X1 5-axis, 30-taper mill-turn centre.

The Speedio M140X2 includes an integrated, high output, direct drive motor in the C-axis to replace the previous roller drive powering the 2,000rpm turning table. The A-axis trunnion rotates through a 50% larger angle, from +120 to -30°, allowing machining of features at the rear of components and facilitating loading and unloading of parts at the front of the machine.

A new option is a 16,000rpm BIG Plus face-and-taper contact spindle, which can be specified in place of the standard 10,000rpm spindle. X/Y/Z travels of 200/440/305mm remain the same, but the distance between the table surface and the spindle nose has been increased to 455mm, providing more space for the fixture, workpiece and cutting tool and hence extending versatility of production.


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