Geo Kingsbury becomes Tier 1 member of AMRC

Geo Kingsbury has been appointed a tier 1 partner by the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing, located at the University of Sheffield’s Rotherham facility. Its managing director, Richard Kingsbury now sits on the research centre’s board of directors.

As a precursor to the appointment, Geo Kingsbury donated an £800,000 Multigrind CB grinding machine, purchased from one of its German principals, Haas Schleifmaschinen, for which it acts as sole sales and service agent in the UK and Ireland.

The machine will greatly extend the AMRC’s grinding capabilities, as it offers the flexibility of cylindrical, gear and thread grinding on a single platform. It is likely to be of interest not only to aerospace companies for producing turbine engine components, but also to gearbox manufacturers and medical companies looking to introduce new techniques for grinding prosthetics.

Versatility is a prerequisite for machines in the Rotherham facility, which is used by OEMs and their supply chains to help them become more competitive through the application of advanced production technologies and processes.

Accordingly, Geo Kingsbury delivered the highly specified Multigrind CB with 12,000rpm spindle, high-pressure neat oil or water-soluble coolant delivery, and the ability to use aluminium oxide, cubic boron nitride, diamond and resin-bonded wheels. It is notable that milling can also be performed in-cycle for high levels of single set-up productivity.

Michael Tyrrell :Digital Coordinator