GKN Aerospace delivers innovative energy efficient turbine exhaust module

GKN Aerospace engineers in Trollhättan Sweden, have successfully designed, developed and delivered a new Turbine Exhaust Module to MTU in Germany as part of the EU funded Clean Sky-2 EMVAL demonstrator programme.

The Turbine Exhaust Module is paramount for heat dissipation and performance of an aero-engine and therefore a key component in improving the efficiency. 

The EMVAL (Engine Material VALidation) engine demonstrator project includes the development and testing of a new MTU turbine module and a new GKN Aerospace turbine exhaust module, using an existing turbo shaft engine modified as test vehicle. The ground testing of the full-scale Engine demonstrator later this year at MTU is a key milestone in validation of the concept.

The module from GKN Aerospace includes a novel lightweight turbine exhaust case (TEC) design with separated thermal and mechanical functionality. It has been produced with extensive use of additive manufacturing. The TEC consists of an inner load carrying structure and aerodynamically shaped vanes (or heat shielding fairings). This concept can withstand higher temperatures than current TEC’s, but it also saves weight as the axial length can be reduced. GKN Aerospace will be presenting a paper on EMVAL and other demonstrator programmes on 8 September at the ICAS conference in Stockholm. 

Lars Ellbrant, technology programme manager for the exhaust module development at GKN Aerospace said: “This type of demonstrator project is absolutely vital for GKN Aerospace in order to validate our new technologies at high TRL levels (TRL 5-6) using a full engine test together with international partners.”

The aviation industry has agreed to become climate neutral by 2050 and reducing fuel consumption is fundamental to reach this goal. The engines demonstrations made within the European Clean Sky 2 programme will validate new solutions for the next generation of ultra-efficient aircraft engines. GKN Aerospace is a core partner in the Clean Sky-2 programmes.

GKN Aerospace in Sweden has a long history as a design partner for aero-engines. The company is a centre of excellence for the development of advanced technologies and for smart manufacturing of a wide range of aero-engine products and systems. This includes ensuring safety, availability, reliability and cost-effectiveness for Sweden's and several other nation’s defence. GKN Aerospace holds the type certificate for the RM12 engine in the JAS 39 Gripen C/D aircraft and has been selected as the supplier for product support for the RM16 engine in JAS 39 Gripen E fighter.

GKN Aerospace in Sweden also has a proven track-record in designing and manufacturing products for the space industry and is a specialist in cooled nozzle extensions and turbines for the Ariane 5 and Ariane 6 space launcher programmes.




GKN Aerospace

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