Guhring publishes new deep hole drilling catalogue

Guhring has published a new deep hole drilling catalogue. The new 250+ page publication is dedicated to the standard product lines in the deep hole drilling portfolio available from the Birmingham-based cutting tool manufacturer.

With more than 250 pages of new, expanded and existing deep hole drilling product lines, the new catalogue is crammed with all the latest lines that are all available ‘off-the-shelf’ as standard. The breadth of the standard product ranges from Guhring sees this latest publication introduce deep hole drilling lines from 0.9mm to 52mm diameter with overall drill lengths of beyond 3m in variants that include solid carbide gun drills, brazed gun drills, modular drills, spiral fluted solid carbide and HSS drills as well as pilot drills and accessories. 

Guhring has also crammed the new publication with all the accessories and extra equipment that will help generate perfect holes. This comprehensive range of additional extras includes everything from drill bushes, steady rest bushes, moulded steady rest bushes, sealing disks and plugs, adjustment screws, torque wrench sets and even drill grinding and re-sharpening equipment.


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