Hill Helicopters and J2 combine forces on HX50 Project

J2 Aircraft Dynamics, a UK SME specialising in whole aircraft aerodynamic modelling, analysis and simulation software, has announced the award of a substantial new contract with Hill Helicopters.

In this contract award, j2 will be using its j2 Universal Tool-Kit software to accelerate the modelling and analysis process focusing on creating a digital twin of the aircraft and engine to provide engineering consulting input for the development of the engine management and AFCS/Autopilot functions. This work hopes to revolutionise the handling and piloting of GA helicopters.

Paul Jenkins, senior vice president and company principal at j2 said: “It is a matter of some pride that we have been awarded this contract by Hill Helicopters. The design, modelling, analysis and simulation work j2 have completed on major helicopter projects over the last 5 years, using the j2 Universal Tool-Kit software, has laid the foundation for this contract award and we look forward to being a significant contributor to the success of Hill Helicopters.”  

Jason Hill, founder and chief engineer at Hill Helicopters, added: “HX50 has been developed from the ground up to reinvigorate the general aviation market by making personal flight and aircraft ownership as desirable and attainable as possible, by delivering an aircraft that fully meet the customer expectations of today’s pilots.

“Key to this is the flying experience in ensuring that the aircraft is easy, safe and enjoyable to fly.  By using modern digital twin technology, we are able to optimise both the inherent dynamic characteristics of the aircraft and engine, as well as developing overarching active flight control systems that enhance the flying experience, reduce pilot workload and profoundly improve safety beyond the level previously possible.  Partnering with J2 along side our inhouse dynamics team ensures we are using best-in-class tools and world leading expertise to deliver these outcomes with the highest possible confidence.”


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