Horn unveils narrow groove slot milling solution

Horn has extended its circular interpolation system for slot milling to include tools for the production of narrower grooves.

The exchangeable inserts are now offered in smaller cutting widths from 0.25mm to 1mm, depending on the diameter. Dependent also on tool diameter, the maximum milling depth is between 1.3mm and 14mm.

Inserts are available with different coatings to suit the material being machined. Due to its mass, the solid carbide tool shank ensures vibration damping throughout the milling process. All variants of tool shank have an internal coolant supply.

The circular milling system is fast, reliable, achieves good surface finish and offers users a host of advantages. During the process, the tool plunges into the material either at an angle or horizontally and may then be driven on a helical path. It means that threads, for example, can be manufactured to a high level of reproducible quality.

When compared to machining using indexable inserts on larger diameters or solid carbide milling cutters for smaller diameters, circular interpolation milling is generally more economical. The cutters have a wealth of applications, as they are able to machine a wide range of materials including steels, titanium and superalloys.


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