INSPHERE launches new automation monitoring and control product

AMMarch21News - insphere
AMMarch21News - insphere

INSPHERE has announced the launch of IONA, a new flagship product that will create a step change in the productivity of industrial automation and generate process data to unlock the potential of a wide array of digital manufacturing technologies.

IONA is a network of sensors and software that can simultaneously capture alignment data from industrial robots and other points of interest, be that the workpiece, fixture or cell datums.

Using IONA, engineers can monitor the performance of automated systems and ensure they are performing consistently in accordance with the simulated or programmed intent.

The data generated with IONA can be used to make corrections either as a one-off system calibration or as part of regular dynamic adjustments compensating for natural process variation.

The outputs of IONA are: Improved system accuracy, allowing more processes to be automated and improving process quality; Correction to robot programs, enabling faster commissioning and validating a digital twin; Reduced automation downtime, enabled by predictive maintenance using IONA SPC trend data.




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