Juaristi appoints Hiersekorn as new commercial director

AMSept18News - juaristi
AMSept18News - juaristi

Juaristi, a leading company manufacturer of milling and boring machines, says it continues taking steps to strengthen its presence in the German market, where it already opened a new delegation to provide advisory and direct support to its German customers last September with the announcement of Volker Hiersekorn as the new commercial director.

The main functions of the department headed by Hiersekorn are to organise a clear commercial structure to give service to the entire Germany and neighbouring countries, to manage the relationship with the current users and deliver the machinery and technology solutions directly to the final customer.

"Our main mission is to be closer to the clients and better understand their needs in order to offer personalised leader technology," explained Hiersekorn.

Hiersekorn believes that "the quality of Juaristi's customised solutions is more than proved and current users are more than satisfied", so the challenge now is to increase brand awareness.

"We are going to work to bring our products technologies, services and facilities closer to the people," he added.

One of his challenges will be to organise open days to bring people closer to the new delegation opened last September in Erkelenz near Düsseldorf. Juaristi took a decisive step to strengthen its presence in the German market with this opening, setting up an office to provide advisory and direct support to its clients. The facilities have a production area of 200m2, a workshop of 500m2 and crane capacity of up to 50 tons.

Since the opening of this new delegation, Juaristi customers have reported their satisfaction confirming that the decision has meant a substantive improvement in the quality of the service.

“They value that the service is being managed directly by the manufacturer and not by subcontracted third parties,” said Wolfgang Moll, head of the technical service in Germany. His team provides technical service for all types of machines, repair of components, geometric adjustments and retrofit of old machines to all Juaristi customers in Germany and neighbouring countries.

In addition, the new facilities are next to a production plant of MHWirth, a customer of Juaristi that has four of its machines operating continuously.

Therefore, customers visiting Juaristi will see not only the machines of the company’s workshop, but also those of MHWirth, which are already at full production output. Visitors will see examples of several customised solutions in a real production scenario. The headquarters were added to the commercial office of Göppingen, and will serve as the basis for the expansion plans of the company in the country.

At present, Juaristi has about sixty German customers who already have its machines. This coming year, the company will make a strong investment in new equipment in order to improve its service. In addition, the manufacturer will install a test bench for heads, improving the spare parts service. With these changes, Juaristi wants to reinforce the idea that they are the best partners for their clients.

Hiersekorn's forecast is that "the number of clients will increase exponentially in a short time." Currently, the goal is to achieve a sales volume of €20 million in 2020.

“We will achieve that by keeping on with our philosophy, meeting every individual need with the highest level of versatility, improving businesses through our high-standing services and constructing connected machines to cooperate more intelligently and efficiently,” he concluded.





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