KMF fast tracks to silver

In a bold, but calculated move, KMF (Precision Sheet Metal) has opted to bypass the SC21 Bronze level award and go straight for Silver in the confidence that its existing systems and working practices were already in advance of that.

With the opening of its Advanced Solutions facility in March 2011, the company has now enhanced its appeal to companies looking to outsource precision sheet metal assemblies by gaining the prestigious Silver SC21 accreditation and joining a small group of UK manufacturing businesses in the process.

“At the time we decided to submit ourselves for the SC21programme there were fewer than ten businesses that had achieved Silver accreditation, out of a supplier base of 1000s,” said Terry Kimberlin, KMF’s UK sales manager. “This highlighted the difficulty of achieving this level of accreditation, but we were confident that given the systems that we already had in place would fit neatly into the SC21 programme and, with some minor adjustments to other areas of the business, it made sense to aim for the Silver Award from the outset.

“To be in such a small group of businesses, in what is a very competitive market sector, is a major boost to KMF and to all of the employees that have contributed to the success in gaining Silver SC21 status, and the ongoing growth in the business as a whole.”

KMF was helped through the process by TPT Consultancy & Training to gain the approval, which is overseen by A|D|S, the trade organisation tasked with advancing the UK aerospace, defence, and security industries.

Terry Kimberlin, KMF’s UK sales manager (left) receives the Silver SC21 award from Peter Hogg of BAE Systems and SC21 chairman

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