Third Dimension featured in industrial documentary

Executive TV have announced Manufacturing Change, the latest addition to an ongoing series of industrial documentaries exploring the UK's manufacturing sector and its future. This programme features Bristol-based Third Dimension, specialists in handheld laser metrology, and how it is helping manufacturers’ production lines become more efficient.

Manufacturing Change will be first broadcast on Info TV (Sky channel 189) on 14th August 2016 at 10.00am and 11th September 2016 at the same time. After the initial broadcast the program will be available online at Executive TV’s website.

Manufacturing Change covers a range of critical issues in the manufacturing sector including the skills shortage, advanced techniques, investment incentives and sustainability. Contributors for this program include circular economy experts Belmont, process improvement specialists Sanderson, laser gauge manufacturers Third Dimension and Britain's leading packaging manufacturer Excelsior.

Sara Martin, Third Dimension’s marketing manager, said: “Manufacturing Change showcases the capabilities of UK engineering. It is a highly skilled, highly paced working environment, and we are pleased that the field of laser metrology is being recognised in such a high profile way.”

We are proud to have brought together this wide range of innovative experts to discuss the challenges in today's manufacturing sector and the opportunities that new technologies are bringing to the sector.


Third Dimension

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