Mazak to unveil full Industry 4.0 solution at EMO 2017

Mazak to unveil full Industry 4.0 solution at EMO 2017

The Variaxis j-600AM is Mazak’s latest additive manufacturing machine, and will be making its European debut at EMO 2017

Industry 4.0 will be placed at the centre of Yamazaki Mazak’s EMO 2017 stand, with the unveiling of the company’s iSmart factory concept along with 25 new machines, including 15 making their world debuts.

The iSmart factory concept utilises Mazak’s Industry 4.0 infrastructure which enables machine users to make the vital step-up from automated cell manufacturing to a completely connected Industry 4.0 factory of the future.

Mazak’s iSmart Factory is centred on three key pillars, namely Smooth Technology, the new SmartBox, which provides faster data analysis with increased security, and the MT Connect standard communication protocol.

All elements combine to facilitate the real-time sharing of manufacturing data between the production floor and offices, ultimately resulting in shorter lead times, reduced in-process inventory and lower indirect labour expenses for manufacturers.

Smooth Technology, incorporating the world’s fastest CNC and Smooth Process Support factory management software, sits at the heart of Mazak’s Industry 4.0 infrastructure, due to its ability to reduce machining by 30 per cent, connect entire machine shops and provide real-time monitoring and analysis capability.

In addition to the Smooth Process Support modules, such as Smooth Scheduler and Smooth PMC, the CNC has also been equipped with a number of new programmes which will be launched at EMO 2017.

The first is Mazak API (Application Programming Interface) which enables non-Mazak software, such as automation equipment, to be integrated into the full suite of Smooth CNC’s. Alongside this is the new Smooth Spindle Analytics software, which provides instant spindle vibration reporting and analysis.

Efficient and secure data processing is made possible by Mazak’s new SmartBox. Utilising Cisco’s FOG computing concept, the SmartBox effectively extends cloud computing closer to where the data is produced. This enables sensitive data to be analysed and acted upon securely with optimal speed, with only selected data sent to the cloud for historical analysis and long-term storage.

Cybersecurity is maximised by a Cisco networking platform and Layer3 Managed Switch, industrialised for the factory environment. The SmartBox can interface with any machine fitted with an MT Connect adaptor regardless of manufacturer, age or CNC type. Older legacy machines can also be connected to the SmartBox with the addition of Mazak’s new SensorBox.

The final pillar of Mazak’s iSmart Factory concept is the use of the MT Connect standard communication protocol, which allows the cross-communication of multiple different machines in the factory or workshop, and enables machine information to be extracted in a standardised format.

During the exhibition, each of Mazak’s 25 machines, configured into six different machining zones, will be connected using the company’s Industry 4.0 infrastructure to display real-time production information.

Watch the iSmart factory in action here


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