Modig live streams 59% chip removal cycle time reduction

AMApril20News - Modig
AMApril20News - Modig

Instead of the planned Open House at Modig’s new factory in Kalmar, Sweden, 184 associates, and worldwide customers viewed a live broadcast chaired by David Modig.

Modig already guarantees 50% cycle reduction from its most-rigid RigiMill machines and based on recent tests the company was confident it can improve on this.

During the live broadcast Modig showcased a single aisle aluminium wing rib being machined on the 200hp - HSK 100 - 20,000rpm spindle RigiMill MT (moving table model) using standard Seco Tool cutters.

The aim was to take a strategic component - previously machined on a high-end competitor’s machine @ 1hr 4 mins - and reduce this time by a half.

Witnessed by numerous tier one, two and three suppliers, the Fanuc-controlled vertical machine with 1m x 6m auto pallet changer achieved 16.4 litres per minute. The cycle time was 26 minutes, a 59% improvement.




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