Out of the box thinking

According to Modig Machine Tool president, David Modig, a combination of cutting-edge technology, turnkey solutions and a genuine family spirit within the company puts it ahead of the competition.


Modig Machine Tool has been at the forefront of innovation in developing high performance machining centres that provide its customers with a competitive advantage through increased productivity, exceptional cost-effectiveness, and unrelenting precision. In addition to the civil aerospace sector, Modig is also becoming very attractive for military and defence advanced machining solutions.

In March 2021 we unveiled a paradigm-shifting machine tool innovation and the next generation of machine tools: the world’s first inverted machine tool. Thinking ‘new’ is not so new to Modig - it is a continuation of our decades-long technological leadership position and trendsetting machine tool designs. An inverted machining centre transforms the way we will think about generic 5-axis part and component machining.

Inverted machining is easily explained as a vertical machining centre turned upside down. A machine tool that machines from below or from the bottom up. But there is a more complex explanation to it in that it constitutes a radical departure from traditional machining. Today’s manufacturing is signified by ever-more closely geometric part tolerances, part complexity and faster production times - and there is an acute need for enhanced solutions.

Modig always strives to deliver high-technology and best-in-class solutions. The inverted machining centre found its roots through this out-of-the-box thinking in the search of elevated machine tool performance and precision. Our engineering expertise led to a radical departure from existing machine design and with numerous machining simulations and beta testing, demonstrating that tool engagements from below the parts yield excellent chip control at elevated removal rates, and that such a machine design offers optimum machine dynamics and stability.

In short, the benefit of inverted machining is optimised chip handling, extreme fast cut-to-cut times, overall compact design requires minimum floorspace and an easy side by side machine expansion for cell operations. The first machine will be ready in the end of 2022.

Partnerships that last

In terms of the types of performance demands placed on us, the customer relationship has always been an important part in the Modig family spirit, and the after-sales support. Our customers are particularly happy with our turnkey solutions, faster cycle times and uptime. We provide several pallet changing solutions to increase the efficiency for our customers. Cost per part is the key today. 

And with regard to aerospace component manufacturing, our customers use Modig machine tools for the manufacture of seat tracks, wing ribs, wing stringers, wing spar, hinge and latch, floor beams, airload ribs and links. Indeed, Modig’s innovative machining solutions address the customer’s core challenges and provide a competitive advantage. Our technology secures reduced cycle times, operating costs, waste and environmental impact, with valuable benefits of increased machine uptime and overall capacity.

At present, the main focus area of our current R&D efforts involve the testing of an even more powerful spindle for aluminium machining in the RigiMill, and we are really looking forward to sharing this result with you shortly. We are also working with the machine health in order to optimise the machines and increase their efficiency. The kinds of machine tool developments that I see in the future will concern machine tools with higher chip removal rates and more cost-efficient solutions.

What differentiates our company is that we are five years ahead of our competition. Our innovative, cutting-edge technology and turnkey solutions puts us at the forefront - all together with a genuine family spirit that has been within the company from the very beginning.




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