Moving and grooving

Moving and grooving

Following the introduction last year by Walter GB of an extended range of grooving blades and through-coolant toolholders for the Walter Cut-SX single-edged grooving system, the range is now available with strengthened, smaller diameter shanks and in four variants.

G20242R/L grooving blades can be supplied as left- and right-handed variants, in both standard and contra versions. The contra design is particularly useful when grooving in the immediate vicinity of the machine spindle, when traditionally the tool shank reduces the available clearance.

G2012-P toolholders with through coolant are now also available in shank diameters of 12mm and 16mm – complementing the existing 20mm and 25mm versions. The smaller sizes will prove especially suitable for use on multi-spindle autos, for example.

Walter Cut-SX tools feature precisely-matched grooving inserts and insert holders, a ‘rounded’ positive locking insert shape with form fit underside and a sturdy top clamp.


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