New feature in Javelin 2017 R1

New feature in Javelin 2017 R1

A major new feature has been introduced in the latest release of the Javelin production control system from Vero Software.

In response to a number of customer requests for ways of managing non-manufacturing functions such as design and programming, Javelin developers have created the new Project Management function. They focus on managing or tasking users outside the direct manufacturing sphere.

The new module in Javelin 2017 R1 allows structured tasks to be defined within a specific project plan with standalone target dates, or with inter-dependency on other tasks. Planned times can be assigned to specific staff, and the progress monitored both in time and cost against estimates.

Projects can be associated with Works Orders, Sales Orders, or Estimates, with the costs of working on the various individual tasks added to the overall cost of that particular element.

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